Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New bow!

Holy smokes! The nicest looking bow that I have ever laid eyes on arrived at my doorstep today! I have coveted a Centaur longbow for several years now, ever since I first met Jim Neaves, bowyer extraordinaire, several years ago at a Traditional Expo West. Especially in traditional archery/ bowhunting circles, different types of bows, woods and bowyers speak to different folks and Jim's bows have spoken to me ever since I first shot one. I am going to save the actual review until I can get out for an evening of shooting, but I thought I'd tease you a little with the specs and a couple pictures.

58"AMO, 60#@26", very nice, dark cocobollo riser, extremely cool juniper limbs with a bamboo core. Stipped grip with a 6 point elk shed, a Centaur first.

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