Saturday, November 27, 2010

Frozen Guides Fishing Service

Two of my brothers and my dad went out for our annual Owyhee River fishing expedition. For the last 8 years we have ventured over to the brown trout waters in hard to reach extreme south eastern Oregon. This year was particularly cold as we have been in the grips of a mid winter freeze in November.

Starting off with a hearty breakfast at a local greasy spoon, we enjoyed the company of a non fishing brother, his two young boys and an Uncle up from California. Fueled up with Belgian waffles, protein-special omelets and coffee, the four fishermen headed through Notus and Parma Idaho and Adrian Oregon into the beautiful Owhyee canyon.

The truck thermometer read 24* F and we knew we were in for a tough day, but still hopeful for a hatch of some sort should the sun choose to grace the canyon with it's warmth. Swapping out jeans for fleece pants and waders, we geared up and started on a stretch familiar to us. The water was low and much of the area was iced clear over, so the pickings were limited, but we managed to find some fish before too long.

Tossing a Clouser minnow

Fish on!

Looks like the Krakken!

Bringing that brown to net

And letting her go.

Plop. Another Clouser Minnow toss.

Three frozen fishermen

Fish on, brother number 2

And the 21" reward...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Videos!!!

Elk videos

Finally got three of the videos uploaded. I have three more, and I am still working on uploading them, but until then, enjoy...