Monday, February 14, 2011

On the hunt

I am looking for a book my Dad had when I was younger, I fondly remember enthusiastically reading about how Hudson's Bay trappers caught beaver...

Hopefully I can find a copy and re-read this classic that no doubt has had a lot of influence on my love of the outdoors.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Something positive!

The Mora 510 is back! A bit overpriced, but still a great knife, I noticed Ray Mears is now offering a green handled version of the 510. Good news!

Dumbest thing

At the risk of turning my little corner of cyber space into a negative blog about Bear Grylls...

I was at the gym just now and saw a preview for his next episode. Imagine Bear up on a seaside cliff, hollering "I see a seal carcass down there." He goes down, and cuts into the seal. Next shot is him trying on a "farmer john" wetsuit style top he made from the seal skin. There really is nothing positive I can say about that. Not classy, not practical, ...just simply stupid.

Rant off.