Friday, April 3, 2009

Jarvenpaa Bush knife

I have really enjoyed this little pukkoo bush knife for over a year now. Originally I bought it after noticing it in Ragweed Forge's inventory. Then one of the hook and bullet magazines featured it in a "survival necklace" article. After that I just had to have it.... and I am glad I did. The article noted it had a true Scandinavian grind, however, mine arrived with a slight secondary bevel. But it was quite sharp and has proven to be a tough edge that it easy to get razor sharp. I really like the grip, but the sheath was never my favorite. So I ordered a JRE bushcraft sheath from Ben's Backwoods, and combined it with a Swedish army firesteel for a superb lightweight bushcraft knife.

It now sits with a convexed edge which is proving to be tough and a good match for this knife. I also decided to introduce a little protective patina to the blade via the "mustard overnight" technique. The results were less than what I was hoping for so I sanded it off and now have a nice dull matte finish thanks to 600 grit wet and dry sandpaper.

Although I love the knife as is, IF I could change anything I'd prefer a bit more blade depth and width. The spine, even after a bit of file work, still could be flatter. And the fit and finish work could be better (but as is it is right on par for a $40 knife, and nothing to sneeze at, I know how hard knife finish work is).

The JRE sheath is as good as anything I have used before. Stout, good quality thick leather. Well made all around!

So if you are looking for a lightweight bushcraft type knife, and want something other than the ubiquitous Mora #1 or 2, check this one out. Combined with a JRE sheath and a firesteel it will serve you well for a long time.

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