Thursday, June 19, 2008


Wow, has it really been a month? Where does the time go? How does it escape so completely?

Anyway, I have made a couple more knives. Three to be precise. A couple kits and a homebrew.
Up at the top left is the homebrewed British bushcrafter. I stock reduced it from O1 barstock. It has bubinga scales, homemade mosaic pins, a handmade sheath (not my best work, but it'll hold the knife), as well as an unfinished firesteel. Scandinavian grind at about Rc 58. I am sure it will get some use this summer!

Down below that it a handy little neck knife. I haven't decided on the sheath yet, but I think the size will be handy. I sharpened it with a nice convex and it will shave now. This was a naked blade I bought a while back. Black and white ebony scales.

I also put together an Enzo trapper kit. Curly birch scales with red liners. I am very impressed with this knife! It carries in a homemade sheath with a mule deer topped firesteel. Fun kit to put together, this may just be my go to knife for hunting. I can make kindling, spark a fire, take apart some game, and cut up some lunch or dinner!