Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fire by friction

The American Bushman recently posted a vintage "survival in the bush" video from the Canadian Film Board's archives. (Worth watching, by the way, so head on over to A.B. and check it out). In the video there is a somewhat unique way they make fire. Essentially a fire trough using a dead jack pine, I haven't seen it done quite that way before. My French is quite rusty, but I believe the technique is called "escoux de codjigen", also known as "algonquin fire stick. Of course I may have heard it wrong or butchered the spelling.... at any rate, it is now on my list of summer time list of to-dos.

Of course the first thing I did was google it. No dice. Various spellings, still no luck. Anyone familiar with this technique?

I did run across this great old article that "describes and classifies the machines used by man, at various periods in history, for producing fire." Fun reading!

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