Thursday, April 17, 2008

Whisper Stik Review

The traditional archery community is a small one. Dedicated hunters and shooters of recurves and longbows compromise a small fraction of the total bowhunters out there. There is a ton of custom bowyers out there, most of them make the bows part time. Whisperstik bows are made by Jim Lund in Coral Michigan. Recently He graciously allowed some tradgang members to pass around some of his wonderful bows. I received the 60" mojostick recurve.

I took it out into some nearby woods for a proper evaluation. When evaluating a bowI look at several things. Are the glue lines even along the length of the limbs and around the riser? I hold the bow in my hand and notice how it fills my grip. I notice the round over of the fiberglass and how well the overlays and limb tips blend into the fiberglass. I turn the bow around in different light sources to look for any machining marks not sanded away. And while I can't second guess the bowyer on his vision of a riser block, I do look at the overall aesthetics of the wood used, the grain lines and the combo of woods used. Wisperstik knocked this one out of the park! The performance and craftsmanship are top notch. The price tag was left on the bow as it has made it's way across the country and the asking price of $530 is a great deal.

The bow I received was 60" AMO, 45#@28", and Jim used Honduras rosewood for the riser andash for the limbs. The limb core looks like osage, the riser overlays are rosewood and ash, while the limb tips appear to be black phenolic and elk horn. Clear glass was used and the bow was supplied with a two bundle fast flight string, beaver hair silencers, a stringer and a bow sock. The bow has a black leather grip, tied up and finished with eight yellow and black beads as well as a suede leather strike plate.

Glue lines along the length of the bow are terrific, consistent throughout. The entire bow is finished well, I could not find any flaws or toothmarks. The riser flows into the limbs very smoothly, it simply fades into nothing, and this is one of the toughest parts of building a supremely beautiful bow.

The limb tips are reinforced to allow for fast flight strings. The shield-shaped overlays are a nice touch. String grooves are one of the harder parts to get even and smooth and Jim did a great job here.

The shape of the grip is a bit unusual but I found it comfortable and most importantly, repeatable shot to shot. It filled my hand nicely and was secure both in shooting the bow and in general carrying positions.

The riser overlays blend smoothly into the fiberglass. Absolutely flawless Jim! Again, one of those very hard pieces of bow construction to get right.

The bow shoots where you want it to, is light in the hand, extremely quiet, shock free... in short, everything you could want in a recurve. Surf on over to Jim's Whisperstik website. You won't be disappointed. Thanks Jim!

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