Friday, April 11, 2008


So, now that it has been half a year, lets get this puppy rolling. ..
First off, a big thanks to American bushman and his blog for the inspiration. For some of my further inspiration, check out my must read list or click into some of my links.

I am pretty excited about knives at the moment. I have always loved sharps, I can vividly remember my first knife, a stainless or nickel cheap thing, it had a small sheeps foot type blade and a nail file. My cousin Joey and I proceed to cut the back of my parents lazy-boy chair to hide our toys in. Never thought my parents would think to look behind the chair and see the gash...
My latest user knife is a Kellam Puukko. Love those puukko type blades!

Thats it for now. Great first/second posts, I know, but hey, I am just getting started. Much more to come, more excitement, build a longs and fun to come

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