Saturday, April 19, 2008


I have wanted a canoe for quite some time. Honestly, though, it is something I have put off for several reasons. One being cost... canoes tend to be expensive for the amount if use I would give one. Another is storage. My lovely wife and I live in a little cottage with nowhere to really store a canoe. And last but not least, Idaho is not known for it's excellent canoing. Although we do have a lot of lakes, they are mostly high country back woods type of lakes and not the Boundry Waters type that are so conducive to great canoing. But still I wanted a canoe. Then I stumbled upon a newish boat building technique called stitch and glue. Cheap? Easy? Fast? sounds like it is right up my alley! First I found some free parogue plans. This was looking good! A couple sheets of plywood, some epoxy and scrap lumber and I can build the U.S.S. Nessmuk!

Further poking around, however, found me more of a traditionally shaped canoe. Grant's lightweight plywood canoe plans only set me back $14, and I was able to print them out right away. I have a couple more things on the "to-do" list before canoe construction actually begins, but I think I should get to it early this summer.

One final picture to view the actual size. I like the red, but I am thinking a nice sage green would be in order for my little craft.

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