Sunday, April 13, 2008

Little hike

Got out and stretched the legs some today. About three miles round trip, 1500 foot elevation total (650 up, 650 down). Grabbed six geocaches, none were great hides, but it is always fun to find them. We found our "official" 200th cache, and I say official because we have found lots more that we didn't or haven't logged.

The good old Garmin Geko 201 was reliable as always, and really the only piece of gear we used.

Here is a shot of the scenery from our resting point. There was a fire that burned through the area just two years ago, the fire break is still evident... it looks like a faint road coming down from the saddle. It is easy to tell where the fire was, look for the areas with no sage/ buckbrush. Anyway, good hike, too much sun, and not enough sunscreen.

We also passed an old home of some sort. Sometimes I come across some history like this and wonder what stories have been lost.

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