Saturday, February 20, 2010

school blues

I am slammed. School and taking care of my son during the time that my lovely wife is off making a living for us takes up the majority of my time and thus, no posting lately.

There is a saying about the best intentions and following through with them, but it escapes me at the moment and although this semester is going to be a tough one to keeping up with this blog (and despite the highly annoying spam comments that I receive that have nothing to do with this blogs main topics...) have no fear, I have not abandoned this blog and I do have great intentions for this little corner of cyber space, as well as the desire to follow through with them.

So keep checking back every so often, but know that this spring semester won't have much posting.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for understanding my friends!

And, if you have been watching the Olympics you'll surely have noticed the official Vancouver Olympics symbol, the inukshuk, just like I mentioned a while back.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your Feb 20 comments. I watched the Olympics every nite but didn't realize about the inushuks. It's amazing what you can look at and not see. We use these markers (cairns) around here above timberline to mark trails (generally horse trails) that can be very hard to find in the rocks at 8 or 10,000'. Sheep herders and Indians used them on high spots out on the prairie to help keep oriented (landmarks) where there are no trees.

Hope school is going ok. Guess T and C will be heading home soon...J