Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birch Bark Canoe ala Ray Mears

I ran across an amazing series of videos on youtube with Ray Mears helping construct a birch bark canoe. Give it a watch, it is really incredible!


David Cronenwett said...

Howdy Bowhunter! Thanks for the reading Aerie Mountain. I enjoy your stuff too; I like outdoor blogs that are diverse like yours and mine! This particular Mears episode is truly amazing; I am incredibly impressed with Trevor's work...which he did most of I am sure. The "Sweden" episode is also quite good. I have mixed feelings about Mears, but they are well produced and filmed. Take care! Best,
David C

Nick said...

Hi BB. I've done some work with birch bark on a smaller scale - containers and stuff but this is fantastic. The skill in this episode was incredible. Makes you realise what modern life and it's mass produced knick knacks has taken away from us (OK, it's added alot too but you know what I mean!!)

Yep, everyone has their opinion about Mears but here in the UK champions for outdoor life and wilderness skills are rare as hens teeth!

Anonymous said...

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