Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back From Elk Hunting

I am back. I had the most wonderfully awesome week chasing elk... I literally lost count of the number of mature 6x6 bulls I was within 25 yards of, and the total amount of elk I was within 50 yards of was astounding. I am finally feeling like I am beginning to "know" "my" mountain.

I am in the process of editing my video journal and will hopefully have something posted up here in the near future. Until then, enjoy a couple of photos.

Mulie Doe right by Observation Rock and Mulie Meadows

Spring where I saw elk last year, it was much drier this year.

Sunset over the Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

Taking a break.


Devon said...

Nice Pics, so you hunted the sawtooth area huh? I am surprised that you said you saw as many mature bull elk as you said, with how many people are saying the sawtooth area has been so damaged by wolf predation. Did you see/hear any wolves? Were the bulls talking? How far in was your hike to get to your hunting area? Were you able to take an elk by the end of the season? Hope so. I was near McCall this year, and only saw one mature 6x6, ended up taking a bull calf no horns, but good eating! I was content, as it was my first bow kill and first elk. Good luck!

backcountrybowhunter said...

I was surprised at the number of elk as well. The rumors say the elk numbers are way down due to the wolves. I can't dispute that wolves eat elk, but I think there's more to it than that. Elk behavior has changed from several factors. Wolves, ATVs, and calls. The number of ATVs in big, wild country has exploded, if you read the hook and bullet magazines you'd think it was a prerequisite.. the be a hunter you NEED to drive an ATV. Whats also indisputable (like wolves eating elk and an increase in the number of ATVs) is the numerous studies that show they impact elk habitat and effect elk behavior. Over calling elk, especially bugling, also has an effect on elk. All that to say, sportsmen have to take into account a lot more than the wolf factor, and take some of the blame (and some of the eventual rehabilitation plan success) themselves. I hunt and scout hard, finding my special honey hole where there is no other hunters has been my reward. Sounds like you had a good hunt though, tagging out your first bow elk! Congratulations!