Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back from elk hunting, round 2

Yup, my awesome wife let me head up to the mountains for a couple more days, the evening of the 19th saw me hunting the same mountain from a simple "back of the truck" camp and I hunted all day the 20th and again half the day on the 21st. No elk meat in the freezer, but I did manage to pin a spruce grouse which I promptly breasted out and ate.

The video journal is done and as polished as I care to make it at this point, I didn't realize just how much video I'd been shooting. Over an hour of quick little vignettes, it was a fun project. However, I don't expect many will find the time or interest to watch the whole thing. Which is really no problem at all... I did it for myself more than anything.

I do have some more pictures to share with you though, and then I'll get to work uploading the video.

Thanks for tuning in, keep checking in as deer season develops!

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