Thursday, December 31, 2009

A new year

Happy new year to all of you! As I do every year, the changing of the year brings introspection and the setting of goals. I thought I would share a couple with you...

I am working on a system to both keep me motivated to write here regularly as well as provide inspiration on topics relevant to this blog.

Along with this I am working on a mission statement of sorts for this blog. I feel my last year plus has been a bit too scattered for my liking in terms of subjects and focus on what my little piece of cyber space is, so stay tuned for the mission statement.

And as far as focus for my outdoor endeavors this year, my focus is going to be elk hunting during the rut with my longbow, so if this is interesting to you, this will be the main thrust of my writing this coming year, so check back frequently. That's not to say I won't be pursuing other outdoor activites though, and I'll be writing about them as well.

Until then, have a happy, safe New Year celebration! Take a few minutes and think about your goals and focus for the upcoming year


Jack Marmon said...

Happy new year to you too!!

I also have a similar elk hunting goal with my son and grandson. I haven't shot a long bow but have many hours behind a recurve. Due to my lack of practice in recent years we will probably use the compound. Elk are hard to kill and usually run off with my arrow. I've lost two in past years (found them a week or so later - not good).

Our elk numbers are huge here in central Montana but mostly on private ground which is usually outfitted. This puts excessive pressure on our public land where the hunting is fair to poor. Probably 10% success on public and near 100% on private.

Good luck this fall - am looking forward to a good hunting story.... J (Daughter Carolyn and family were here for Christmas so did a little ice fishing)

backcountrybowhunter said...

Thanks for dropping in again Jack, I really appreciate it! I am actually down in SLC with Carolyn, Todd and the boys. One of these summers Betsy and I are going to have to rendezvous with Todd and Carolyn up in Roundup and we'll do some backpacking.

Nick said...

Hi BB. All the best for 2010. I feel like it's going to be a good year.

I know where you're coming from blog-wise. My first year of blogging's been pretty random, not regular enough and sometimes just a bit too wacky! But the main thing is I've really enjoyed it.

I'm in the process of giving myself a new year butt kicking - I know I can do better!!

Keep on at it. Some well thought out goals will surely help you to the next level.


Jack Marmon said...

We have lots a places to backpack. Todd and I made a nice trip last July, but the water was still high so we got wet feet (especially when you can't walk a log very good). Would love to have you guys come for a visit. I've got a couple horses that can haul our stuff if we want. They can be a real pain at times too.