Monday, October 5, 2009

Found 'em!

I managed to find a small supply of these sweet knives over in North Carolina. Bought two and I think I'll be buying at least a couple more before the supply runs dry. I will be keeping at least one stock and unused, but I also want to toss a couple in the glove box, bug out bag, bottom of a couple packs, not to mention a commonly used user and one for a couple modifications.

Not really sure I know what it is that makes me like this particular model so much... might be it was my first knife I bought for "bushcraft" might be the OD green reminds me of my time in the Marines, or the handle fits my hand as well as anything. Maybe its the return on investment in Mora knives is so high, it just makes a fella fell good. I'll tell you though, not much of a fan of the sheath, pretty funky, but it is secure, safe and durable, so I can't ask much more than that.


rangersquirrel said...

There are several manufacturers out there that make good leather sheaths for that model - for example.

I've never bought one because it just bothers me that I could buy 3 of the Moras for the cost of the sheath, but I have heard they are very nice.

Iowa Woodsman said...

Glad you found a few, I only have 1 extra. But if you didn't find one I would have set you up.

Iowa woodsman

Iowa Woodsman said...

I have read a little of your blog. I think you would enjoy I don't own it or care to but, I have been posting there for over a year. Great group of people with lots of different skill levels. You don't have to post this, I just wanted to give you an invite.

Iowa woodsman

backcountrybowhunter said...

Thanks you two, I really appreciate you both stopping by and spending some time with my ramblings.... as far as sheaths go, since these will be "toss them in the bag" type of knives, I think I'll just stick with the ugly factory sheath for now, although I do live the quality of the JRE sheaths. If I get antsy, I can always stitch something up myself as well.
I am a memeber over on as well, although I don't stop by that often as I'd like to. I also head over to jackmountainbushcraft on occasion, another good American bushcraft type site.