Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This is a longshot as I am sure my readership pool is very small, but I am trying to get my hands on a specific model mora that is not made anymore. I'd like one or preferably two plastic OD green handled carbon steel blade knives. Top dollar paid, or we can work out a trade.
Thanks for reading!

From Ben's Backwoods online catologue, I am looking for the bottom knife:

Follow up:
I emailed both Ragweed forge and Bens backwoods and neither has them in stock at all. Ragweed forge emailed me back with this:

Thank you for the message and inquiry.
I'm sorry, the OD Craftsman has been discontinued. I have none.
Actually the Craftsman line itself has been discontinued. I'm selling
off old stock.

I have quite a bit on hand, but when it's gone that will be the end of it.

Best regards,

So get them while you can!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried ragweed forge? He carries just about every Mora out there and may have some in back-stock. Check this out: http://www.ragweedforge.com/SwedishKnifeCatalog.html

backcountrybowhunter said...

Thanks for the tip! I in fact have checked with Ragweed's online catalogue, but I have now emailed him as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh well...I'll be honest with you...the one I had was that same model and I found it on ebay for like $15 plus shipping in stainless. It's the only Mora I've ever managed to break. I was trying to split a rather hard and knotty piece of green wood and managed to pound the blade right through the plastic handle when beating on the back end....guess I shouldn't have tried to use the knife for other than its intended purpose. Chipped the blade nicely in the process as well.

I may still have the chipped and now handle-free blade laying around and I'll give it to you for free if you want it...maybe you can slap a better handle on there and grind the chip out?

Email me your snail mail at rangersquirrel@gmail.com if you want it.

backcountrybowhunter said...

Thanks Ranger, but I snatched up two on evilbay for 14 each. I am looking forward to them, but I guess I'll avoid pounding them into any trees....

DRB said...

Discontinued? I have two, well one. My Mrs has the other one. I keep mine in the back of my work van, great wee tool. I just bought 4 Mora utility knives, they worked out at $9.60 inc postage each. I live in Northern Ireland so they were about £6 in my currency. Smaller blade and more like the one Mors is pictured with in his book. I enjoy reading you blog, just found it today.