Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's

I typically don't do much for New Years eve. Just another day of the year in my book. But I did spend a little time alone last night, thinking about life and what I want to accomplish in the coming 365. It was nice sitting by my porch fire, drinking a home brewed beer (blonde ale) and feeling the cold night air.

I made the same goals as much of the folks reading this might have made. I want to get out more, and that is the crux of it, my "New Year's resolution" boiled down into three little words. Fish more, hunt more, hike more, geocache more, bike more, explore more, and when I am not doing those things, I want to be doing activities to enrich those times. Studying edible plants, tying flies, making another longbow or creating this year's hunting arrows, working on new skills and improving the ones I already know, making a knife or a fishing net.... Because it is a big wide world out there and I love being in it.

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