Saturday, July 10, 2010

Elk scouting trip 1

Wow, nothing like the first trip of the season to show me how out of shape I am!

About two months until I head up elk hunting, time to get running and loosen up the lungs, loose a few pounds and whip my legs into shape.

The high country was beautiful and absolutely chock full of bood quality browse for the elk, the micro stream where I hunt is spring fed and it stable year around... just perfect for a healthy herd of elk on "my" mountain. The long, cool spring and (so far) cool summer, it seems the stars are aligning for an awesome fall hunt. Speaking of the weather, I always check the Old farmers Almanac to get a prediction on the weather and it is predicting a hotter than average August (which bodes poorly for fire danger), but a much cooler than average September which bodes well, very well, for an active, vocal rut.

Other preliminary elk scouting trips I have been hearing about nearly all mention an abundance of calves this year, and from what I saw I'd agree! I didn't spend much time on the mountain, but I did see lots and lots of sign, so all in all I am pumped!

This is the year!

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