Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blind Horse Knives Maverick

Took the BHK Maverick out for a little walk today and I have to say that I like what I see so far! I just took it out for a quick jaunt and a photo shoot, but I will report back with a more in depth review shortly. Until then, enjoy!


Jack Marmon said...

Glad to see school is about over. Don't weaken This too shall pass.

Got my apps in for sheep, goats, deer, elk. I don't apply for antelope anymore. Can't apply for moose for a couple yrs. There's a 7yr waiting period between kills. Would like to get a bull tag for the area north of town.

Bot a nice hand made fillet knife at a gun show last month. It works well. I filleted some big rainbows (boneless) last weekend and smoked them (in a Little Chief smoker). To fillet trout boneless is quite a trick.

Am headed to Port Angeles for the annual Halibut Derby on wed. It's Sat and Sun with $20,000 in prizes. We win it last year ($5000) so we are hopeful this year too. They pay down 30 places. I'd like to catch a couple to eat. They fillet real easy .

Hang in there and have a good summer... J

backcountrybowhunter said...

Jack, sounds like a busy fall! I will keep my fingers crossed and hope to hear some stories! I had some of your moose a couple years ago I believe, it was delicious! What size filet knife did you buy? I have been thinking about building a filet knife, I have a cool idea for the handle... Good luck at the halibut tourney!