Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bucket list

By now we've all either seen the movie "the Bucket List" or know what it's about.

Do you have your own bucket list? Of outdoorsy things to do before you kick the bucket? Learn 100 useful knots or tie one perfect monkey's fist? Learn how to get your knife razor sharp or learn how to make a bamboo flyrod? Land a 20# bass or kill a 6X6 bull elk in a fair chase hunt? Caribou, moose, coues deer, bighorn sheep, turkey slam....?

The list could go on for a long, long time. Much longer than most of us have the finances, much less the time, to do.

I am working on mine. I'd like to challenge you to work on yours. Evaluate your priorities. Take a look at your future, family, finances, and what you would have to sacrifice to get it done. I'd love to hear from you, so after you figure out your bucket list, drop me a line!


The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Ok here it is:

My hunting "bucket list"
1. Caribou
2. Elk
3. Bull Moose
5. Alaskan Harlequin
6. King Eider
7. Turkey Grand Slam
8. Turkey w/Bow
9. Deer w/Bow
10. Coyote w/Bow

backcountrybowhunter said...

Awesome list! I really like that you have some ducks on there too! I love duck hunting.
Here's a couple on my list
1. Water Buffalo in Australia
2. Mountain goat
3. Coues Deer

All with a trad bow.

The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Yeah, big into the ducks as well.

Australia or Africa? Hmmm, African safari would be cool!

As a trophy I have a piece of turkey feather cut with a broad head (near hit) last season. This Fall I will be back at the turkeys with the bow! If successful I can cross another off the list!